Life Groups

Life Groups


We are passionate about living life as a community, and part of how we do that is through Life Groups. Throughout the year we offer groups with something in mind for everyone. You can join as many groups as you’d like! You can register for a group at our Welcome Center located in the lobby. If you are unable to register in person, you can register online by clicking the button at the bottom of the page.

Life Groups are where community is built, growth is stimulated, and faith is put into action. 

There are 5 pillars of our Life Groups.
Prayer – More than just a quick prayer to open and close.  Let’s dedicate a portion to prayer
Mission – Let’s serve together whether physically or by supporting a cause
The Word – Each teaching is packed with scripture.  Let’s dig deep and ask the tough questions.
Community – This is the environment and culture of the Life Group. Relationships are developed and deepened at Life Groups.
Challenge – Practical challenge that causes us to put into action what we are learning.


Step with the Spirit Life Group

Father sent Son
Son sent Spirit
Spirit sends Church
We do a good job of embracing the Father and desiring Jesus, but can easily neglect the Spirit.  If you take the Spirit out of the above equation it all falls apart. The Holy Spirit is what connects us to the living Words of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is what connects us to the heart of the Father. Without the Holy Spirit, we are walking our own path.

Hayli Becker is going to take us on a 6-week journey of how to get off the broad path of comfort and get familiar with the narrow path of the Spirit!

Begins January 15th and runs 6 weeks!

FreshBread Life Group

When God gives bread He gives it in abundance. Manna in the desert, abundance. Feeding of the 5000, abundance.
Jesus tells us ‘Man does not live on bread alone but every word that comes from the mouth of God.’ Jesus declares, ‘I am the Bread of Life, whoever comes to me will not go hungry.’ There is a daily portion, a daily feast, that has been prepared for you that if you choose to chew on will fill you with a truth that needs to be shared.

The word that God provides for me is not for me to hoard, but to pass on. This is the concept of FreshBread.

Over 6 weeks Pastor Tim will teach the habit of FreshBread that will empower you to live a life of abundance!

Begins January 18th