Spark Kids

Spark Kids

The mission of Spark Kid Ministries is to serve Families by offering a SAFE, FUN, INTERACTIVE environment for children to grow in God, so adult’s can participate in main gathering’s.

As a church body, we know the significance of children learning about who God is, and what He has done in our lives. Jesus said, “any of you who welcomes a little child like this because you are mine, is welcoming Me and caring for Me” (Matthew 8). We have a huge obligation to the young one’s growing up in the church. We have a great team in place to interact and teach your children every Sunday! Our desire is to allow you to enjoy the main gathering, knowing your child is being well cared for!

Our children programs are divided into three groups:

  • Ages 0-2 (nursery)
  • Ages 3-6 (toddlers)
  • Ages 7-11 (children)


Safety is one of our highest priorities at Life Stone; physically and emotionally. We want parents to feel confident in dropping off their children so they are free to engage in the main gathering. We accomplish this through our check-in system and by screening, training, and equipping all our volunteers. Learn more below or check out our Child Protection Handbook for complete details.


The Kids Check-in station is located in the main lobby. This is the main ‘hub’ to check-in all your children regardless of their age. Your child/children will receive a sticker with their name and a number that we put on the back of their shirt. You will receive a sticker with a matching number, which is required when picking up your child/children. This is a security measure intended to put your mind at ease. If it is your first time checking your child/children in, the process takes roughly two minutes through our iPad app. One of our volunteers will help you through the process. Once you are registered, it’s as simple as printing you and your child/children’s sticker each week.


We are committed to helping every child experience Jesus through the Bible and His presence. Our weekly lessons are specifically tailored to help the youngest generation meet a God who is caring and has created them with a purpose. We use ‘Disciplr’ (yes that is spelled correctly!) as our curriculum. Download our Child Protection Handbook to learn more about ‘Disciplr’.