Next Steps

Next Steps

Be part of a movement!!

We are all about encouraging and empowering you to take the next steps in your faith, but so often we don’t know what they are, so we want to walk with you through the process.

Lay Foundation

Our foundation determines our ability to remain standing through the storms.  It is where we choose to stay anchored in Christ even when life becomes unstable. Jesus declares that He should be the foundation of our lives. Jesus is the core of who we are at Life Stone so we want to help you establish Him as the Foundation in your life! We offer a foundation course that will introduce you to what Life Stone is all about, what Jesus desires us to be, and how you strengthen His church!

Get Connected

Faith isn’t meant to be lived out alone, it’s meant to be lived together! Every week we have practical ways for connections to happen whether it is on a Sunday, in a Life Group, or a discipleship Huddle. Whether serving together or growing together we desire to strengthen, support, and encourage each other’s faith!

Live Empowered

God’s grace is undeniable! Grace leads to lasting heart change, not just temporary behavior change. Grace enables us to impact our surroundings by leading us to opportunities that were not available to us before Jesus Christ. We are passionate about equipping and empowering people to be who they were created to be! We offer a ministry profile that will reveal how God has wired you and how He wants you to impact the world!